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New Products for 2018


We are pleased to announce our new product range for 2018. First on the list due to customer demand is Gynexin.

What is Gynexin?
Gynexin is yet another weight loss supplement but this one is a little different in that it is specifically manufactured to help men lose extra fat around their chest area. We’ve carried out some in depth testing with the independent review site Gynexin World and are pleased to add the product to our lineup after it scored highly in our testing.

How Does Gynexin Work?
Men’s chests have what is called male mammary glands. Both men and women have these glands and for women they are specifically for producing milk which is used to breastfeed. The male mammary glands produce testosterone but are not needed for the same functions as women.

Mammary glands on both men and women consist of fatty tissue and some people have more of that tissue than others. This is why women’s breasts develop in different sizes. The same is true for men. Some men have more fatty tissue and store more tissue, thus giving them larger chest areas and the appearance of boobs, which most men don’t want.

The manufacturers of Gynexin have come up with a series of combined ingredients that will dissolve fatty tissues thus making the chest area and breast like appearance dissipate. The technical term for male breasts is Gynecomastia and those who suffer from this experience poor self-esteem and poor self-perception. Most men strive for firm chests and Gynexin supplements can help them attain that look.

Gynexin is comprised of natural and herbal ingredients that work with the male body and the testosterone that they produce to attack the fatty tissues around the chest area. The patented formula helps to get into those fatty cells and compartments, break up the tissue and by doing so makes the fatty pockets smaller in size or dissipate completely, thereby giving the chest a toned and firm appearance.

Why Try Gynexin?
Other methods used to reduce Gynecomastia include complex and dangerous surgeries which have a long recovery period and can cost thousands of dollars. Many times insurance doesn’t cover these procedures and so the cost is entirely on the man who wants to resolve his issue. Plus the lost time at work can wreck havoc on your budget. Gynexin is a safe and affordable way to reduce your fatty tissue without having to go under the knife and you won’t need to spend weeks recovering, not to mention all the pain that goes along with surgery!

What Ingredients are in Gynexin?
All of the ingredients in Gynexin are natural and safe to take. One of the key ingredients is called Chromium which is a fancy name for calcium. Calcium is a key player in our bodies being able to maintain a healthy weight. Without an acceptable amount of calcium we often feel sluggish and tired and additionally our metabolisms slow down. A slow metabolism means we will gain unwanted weight. AS the Chromium works with other agents in Gynexin it helps to maintain a healthy weight and may even help balance our sugar levels. High sugar levels also contribute to weight gain.

Another component of this supplement is Guggulsterones and this is important because it helps us keep our cholesterol levels in check. This ingredient derives naturally from the Guggul tree and is rich in antioxidants which can help keep cholesterol levels at a normal and healthy range and may also help with our thyroid production. An overactive or underactive thyroid can cause us to gain weight where we don’t want it.

Theobromine Cacao is also found in this supplement and it has many functions but the most important one is that it is a stimulant that helps increase heart rate just as caffeine does. It helps with our cardiovascular system and also helps our heart stay healthy.

Sclareolides has been studied for decades and scientists have found that it is essential in helping to lessen the amount of estrogen in our bodies and increase testosterone. Estrogen is a key factor in the development of breasts so if you have less of it the result is smaller breast and chest size.